Welcome to the NCI
Ends on January 31, 2018

The purpose of this application is to give us a general idea of what your sample looks like and what the imaging needs are. Your answers need not be comprehensive, but the more information you provide the better we can understand the project that you have in mind.

All details submitted in this form, all other communication, and data collected (if approved) will be kept confidential and are not shared with anyone outside the NCEF.

Please note that we can only accept samples at BSL1 level. No infectious material, toxins, or anything potentially dangerous can be accepted.

        • The project must be related to cancer research, defined broadly
        • Only biosafety level 1 (BSL 1) samples can be accepted. No potentially infectious or toxic material can be accepted
        • Representative cryo-EM images collected on a screening electron microscope must be provided with the application
        • Frozen cryo-EM grids must be shipped to NCEF for imaging and will be properly disposed of after data transfer