The purpose of this Sample Information Form (SIF) is to give us a general idea of what your sample looks like and what the imaging needs are. Your answers need not be comprehensive, but the more information you provide the better we can understand the project that you have in mind.  A new SIF will be required for each 48 hour run session request. 

All details submitted in this form, all other communication, and data collected (if approved) will be kept confidential and are not shared with anyone outside the NCEF. 

To be considered, projects should fulfill the following requirements:

•The project must be related to cancer research, and users are not required to have current or past funding support from either the NCI or NIH.

•Only biosafety level 1 (BSL 1) samples can be accepted.  No potentially infectious or toxic material can be accepted.

•Cryo-EM pre-screening images from samples made at the same plunge freezing session to be sent to the NCEF will need to be collected on a screening electron microscope, and must be uploaded within this SIF.